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What’s the opportunity?

The online video course market is expanding rapidly and that’s an understatement. In fact, it’s growth is exploding. The online video course market is expected to grow from around 55 billion in 2014 to over 100 billion by 2016. As a result, there a huge opportunity for fitness trainers, health coaches and other wellness professionals to help more people with their knowledge and skills and, at the same time, create the freedom and lifestyle they desire.

There’s no question about the opportunity. The question is if you are a fitness trainer, health coach or other type of wellness professional, what is holding you back from seizing the opportunity???

Is it not having the mindset, confidence or skills to start to create and launch your product? Perhaps you are not clear about how you can translate what you currently do into an online course which sells?

Maybe you have not yet narrowed down what to do your course on? You may be that person with a ton of great ideas and having a hard time selecting one and launching.

Perhaps you are confused with all the technology needed to create, market and sell your online course?

You have come to the right place!! The NeuroFit Experts Academy can help you develop and market online fitness, health, and wellness online course that sell!!