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Who’s the NeuroFit Experts Academy right for?

  • Fitness Professionals, Wellness Practitioners or other Health Enthusiast who want to master charismatic, persuasive, highly impactful communication in order to have the skill, knowledge and confidence to develop outstanding online courses.
  • People that have chosen to serve others by helping them feel and look better so that they can get the most out of life and truly live it to the fullest.
  • Driven, Results-oriented, and uncomplicated individuals who want to make an excellent living helping others be healthy and fit but have not been attracting enough clients or have a thriving business but are looking to expand their success online in order to supplement their income.
  • People who want to help on a very large scale and understand that to truly “stand out” they must have “an edge” and be the “best of the best”.
  • Energetic & Ambitious individuals who are open-minded and willing to try new things to grow and increase their impact.

NF-image7What’s the challenge? If you are a fitness trainer, health coach, or wellness practitioner and have been wanting to leverage your time and energy by creating and delivering online courses, you know that there’s a lot of information and it can be confusing. In addition, you know it’s a very competitive market. Much of the advice only focuses on the technology of how to create and sell course. You will also get ideas on the types of products to produce and best practices of how to market them; however, when you sit down to create your course you may get stuck. Perhaps you do not have the mindset, skills, knowledge or confidence when you get to the point when you’re ready to begin. On the other hand, maybe you took action and developed a course; however, you feel like what you presented and how you presented it did not have the impact you desire. This is exactly where the NeuroFit Experts Academy can be of service.

What’s our focus and how can we help: Our training courses are designed to be very simple and highly practical to help you quickly overcome the “technology” portion of creating and launching online courses so that you can spend your time delivering content and launching your online course. Unlike other programs, we help you get clear about your target market and niche and then focus on helping you develop and practice your message and receive clear and specific feedback so that you can refine it(only during live event & one-on-one coaching). In fact, during our live events we take it so far that there’s an option to video record your sales video so that when you arrive home you can upload it to your website or lead page and be ready to launch. In short, our expertise is helping you develop and powerfully deliver your online course so that your knowledge and skill can serve many around the world.


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